To date we have had a very enjoyable 2010, many rivers have been swum, many new trails explored and squirrels galore have been sent back up the trees.
Amy, she loved Earthdog but me working weekends got in the way all the time.
Andrew remains in the clan but now has his VERY OWN 2 acres and relishes his spot on the bed.
Teddy is one happy boy doing his dashing dog routine at every opportunity.
Kelsey had her 2nd cruciate ligament repaired plus her 10th birthday , nothing stopped her playing ball here we are at 20 weeks post and she is back on the mountain trails with us.
Ant and I started the year taking Drizzle’s babes Ringo and Lennon to ringcraft (handling classes)
Lennon was a star from the start while Ringo refused to walk on the lead!
BUT by the end of the classes it was Ringo that got the gold star from Heidi and Val Gervais for being the most improved.
 OH what fun we had teaching these boys about the world,
It was a bitter sweet moment when Lennon left us in March to enjoy his own clan.
Ringo took Ant to a sanction match winning Group 2nd to a adult Wheaten while only 4 months himself
Mark and Sara took their little Clara home in Feb (chosen in November at just a few weeks old) aka the gazelle or Clarebear when she comes to stay she is so excited she wakes us all at 6am the first morning.
We had a call from Jerry Shulman photographer to tell us that the magazine Puppies USA had picked our babes pictures for the 2011 issue,  (Gracie and Barkley )
Plus Aggie and her babes are pictured in the 2011 calendars put out by Avonside
Then Wyman Publishing picked Winston for the front of the 2011 Puppies issue
See him at:

In May we had the most terrifying yet exciting night as I had to assist Keith with a emergency  C-section.
Thank heavens Ant had come over. she drove us there and back as I was a fretting mess.
In the OR Keith was calm telling me what to do and reminding me it’s a STERILE FIELD while I was busy trying to see what was what and fretting over my beloved Meg.
Keith sadly handed me the third babe who was largest I have ever seen saying “sorry she has not made it.” I was cuddling and cleaning her anyway when she squawked, we cried with relief (oh and so did she, carrying on until 4 am,)
She weighed in at 10oz . to show her disgust at her undignified entrance to the world she yelled, and tried pushing her way out of the box all the way home.
Meg despite the surgery was the best of the best producing rocket fuel for her huge babes!
These Three Angels Mae Westie, Gaby and Halo have filled our summer with laughter love and amazement.  Janelle and Susan have been very generous sharing
Halo remains here entertaining her Mum and Grandmother.
The same weekend the Angels arrived Ringo went out to play with Heidi in the show ring, we received many many calls and compliments about our Rock Star.
I was not able to see him as I was at home gladly helping with maternity duty!
Cookie e-mailed to tell her Mum, Meg that she had raised  $1200 for the BCSPCA
Way to go Cookie!
Through the summer many of our “family” took the time to visit, Thank you all for coming to let me see how each of  the little ones that left us have  developed. I agree with you they are like potato chips! One is never enough.
In September Charles and Flirt presented the world with 5 babes
(Thanks Wendy and Dan)
They are Tom Thumb, Dick Whittington, Polly Mary and Elsie