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Pedigree Of Canadian Champion Hopecharm Ladyleigh
BreederMrs Shauna Fryer
OwnerMrs Catherine Hamilton
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
Champion Hopecharm Willie Makeit for KaramyndChampion Rotella The Fezzant PluckaCh. Glenoostie Magician of RotellaCh. Cregneash Candytuft of RotellaCh. Rotella Mighty Mike
Cregneash Twinkletoes Trixie
Glenoostie Wee JessicaLasara Likeim
Rowantoff Bonnie's lass
Rotella Scarlet HarlotCh. Hazlan Silver Knight of SarmacCh. Sarmac Drummers Boy
Hazlan Touch of Class
Hemishor Cola Starlet of RotellaCh. Cregneash Crusader
Hemishor Cola Queen
Rotella Lovyootoo HopecharmJW Hopecharm Full of FireCh. Ashgate SinclairGer. Ch. Ashgate Lenzie
Ch. Ashgate Sallachy
Hopecharm Full of PromiseRishtte Snow Jest
Hopecharm Full of Love
Rotella Who Lovsya BabyCh. Rotella The Fezzant PluckaCh. Glenoostie Magician of Rotella
Rotella Scarlet Harlot
Rotella Right of ReplyFr Ch. Famecheck Paratrooper
Ch. Hemishor Highland Fling of Rotella
Westfire City Girl at HopecharmChampion Ashgate SinclairGer. Ch. Ashgate LenzieCh. Ashgate LeckieCh. Ashgate Achnasheen
Ch. Ashgate Sheigra
Ch. Ashgate DonnaErisort Senator of Ashgate
Ch. Ashgate Ailsa Craig
Ch. Ashgate Sallachy International ChampionCh. Ashgate AchnasheenAshgate Auchenleck
Haweswalton Gemma of Ashgate
Ch. Ashgate SkaraIR CH Ashgate Kirkcowan of Poolmist
Ashgate St Kilda
Bellevue Tainted LoveCH Gilbri October BrewCH Haweswalton TroubadourCH Gyllie of Drummersdale
Ch. Haweswalton Merry Go Round
CH Gilbri HazelAM CH Haweswalton Aladin
Gilbri Pride And Joy
Bellevue Forget Me NotCh. Ashgate Bern EraCh. Ashgate Sinclair
Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass
Wesscots Maid For BellevueCh. Wesscots Knight In Arms
Wesscots Joye de Vive