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Pedigree Of Champion Ladyleigh Posh You Bet I Am
Breeder/OwnerMrs Catherine Hamilton
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
Canadian Champion Llovall Aint A Bet LadyleighLlovall Aint Misbehavin MrNed Ch Llovall Leader Of The PackCH Kimgarwyn AlcoKimgarwyn Apollo
Lasara Look At Me
Llovall Luck Be LadyCh. Krisma Streetwise
Llovall All Of Me
Llovall All That JazzCh. Krisma JammydodgerCh. Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd
Krisma Telling Tales
Llovall Lovin FeelingLlasara Laserlight
Llovall All My Lovin
Krisma Roll The Dice for LlovallCh. Krisma JammydodgerCh. Hopecharm Willie Makeit for KaramyndCh. Rotella The Fezzant Plucka
Rotella Lovyootoo Hopecharm
Krisma Telling TalesCh. Barwest Bee-Having
Krisma Sloane Ranger
Krisma Home AloneCh. Krisma StreetwiseCh. Wesscots One Knight Stand
Krisma Keynote at Olac
Debeaux DecorumCh. Krisma City Slicker
Bellevue Hopefull to Debeaux
Canadian Champion Ladyleigh I Am So PoshCanadian American Champion Windacre Watchword WallaceCan Am Ch Windacre Future ForceAM CH Glangael's In The Nick of TimeAm. Ch. Glenfinnans Something Dandy
CAN CH Clangale's Patricia Marie
CAN CH Caldy's Cadance by WindacreCAN CH Windacre Bramble Season
Windacre Crime And Punishment
CAN CH Windacre Aonach Dubh DoraWindacre The Bard is BecketMulti Ch Windacre Man For All Seasons
Windacre Constant Comment
Ratatac at WindacreCAN CH Windacre Get My Drift
CAN CH Windacre Pearl Of Wisdom
Canadian Champion Hopecharm LadyleighCh. Hopecharm Willie Makeit for KaramyndCh. Rotella The Fezzant PluckaCh. Glenoostie Magician of Rotella
Rotella Scarlet Harlot
Rotella Lovyootoo HopecharmJW Hopecharm Full of Fire
Rotella Who Lovsya Baby
Westfire City Girl at HopecharmCh. Ashgate SinclairGer. Ch. Ashgate Lenzie
Ch. Ashgate Sallachy
Bellevue Tainted LoveCH Gilbri October Brew
Bellevue Forget Me Not